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Between the Loire
and Burgundy

Since the Middle Ages, vineyards were developed under the instigation of the great Benedictine monasteries of La Charité sur Loire and Bourras. The production was exported to the North of France and Europe. These wines were to be found on the tables of the Dukes of Burgundy, in Paris and Arras.

This renown and prosperity lasted until the 19th century, when the vineyards totalled 1300 ha. But the phylloxera crisis led to its decline, and it was accentuated by the human losses of World War One. 

In 1980 a viticultural syndicate was created to re-launch the vineyards, and in 1986 it obtained the denomination of the vin de pays des Coteaux Charitois, at which point the area and the production conditions were defined by decree. 

In 2011 taking advantage of a reform, the viticultural grouping of the area changed its name and so it became the IGP of the Côtes de La Charité. The production conditions were done in a new rule book, reinforcing the drive to quality.

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