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The subtlety
of the Terroirs

The vineyards are concentrated in the communes of the back-country of the Charitois: La Celle sur Nièvre, Nannay and Chasnay have 90% of the area. The rest is dispersed over the Communes of Chaulgnes, Parigny les Vaux and La Charité sur Loire.

Although they are situated close to the Loire
the terroirs show a strong viticultural resemblance to those of Burgundy

The major North/South fault lines and erosion have created a pronounced relief that is distinguished by steep slopes, higher altitudes and fine expositions.

The sedimentary sub-soil is from the mid Jurassic period (Bathonian and Bajocian), and it presents  layers of limestone and marls ideal for the formation of limestone-clay soils of great chemical complexity, contributing to the rich aromatic variety of the wines. Often very stony, they drain and re-heat rapidly. Thus they offer the ideal conditions for the Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay which form the base of the wine styles.

The climatic ambience is that of an oceanic climate, but with some continental influences. The sunny autumns with relatively cool night-time temperatures, result in Pinots and Chardonnays that show excellent balance and maturity.

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