Join us

A united team

A small but motivated team where all the actors share a common philosophy

We are all aware of the exceptional potential of this niche vineyards terroir, which we seek to add maximum value to by patiently working as ‘artisanal craftsmen’.

We each uphold the principles of working to high standards in the vineyards, and respect for the environment in making the wines, which allows them to express their typicity. Whilst respecting the traditional fundamentals, we are very open to innovation and creativity, anything that will better express the subtle spirits of our terroir.

We are committed to the production rules as set out by the IGP of the Côtes de La Charité. Having presented a dossier to obtain the right to a protected appellation, we preferred the IGP option (Indication Géographique Protégée – A protected geographical demarcation), which allows us more freedom to innovate and explore the multiple possibilities offered by the terroir and varieties.

Our rule book is focused on quality. As far as yields are concerned, they are similar to those of Appellation of Origin status: good year or bad they are around 50hl/ha over the entire vineyard area. The winemakers prune strictly, and this is complimented by systematic use of de-budding and grass cover in our vineyards.

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